You are Blessed in Oneness!
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The Oneness Movement


                                                                The perfect and the imperfect, the sacred and the profane, 
                                                 beautiful and the ugly, sinner and the saint, evil and good 
                                                 are all manifestations of the one divine consciousness.  
                                                 This is the reality of an awakened being.      - Sri Bhagavan

Sri Bhagavan's vision since childhood has been to elevate humankind to an altered state of consciousness of causeless love and limitless joy, and to transfer everyone to an awakened state of Oneness with oneself, with others, with all life.  The Oneness University and the Oneness movement are manifestations of this vision and purpose.

The origins of this vision can be traced  to when Sri Bhagavan was three years old.  In his
experience the universe was an extension of himself.  His consciousness had always been so.  However, as Sri Bhagavan began to experience others, he realized that people were not experiencing the world as he was experiencing it.  He saw that they felt separate from one another and separate from the world.  He discovered that this sense of separate existence was the source of human suffering.  Sri Bhagavan felt that human consciousness was capable of a more vast and rich experience of reality.  

Restoring humanity to the magnificence and splendor of its natural state of being became
Sri Bhagavan's life purpose. 
Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma work together toward this common goal.  They are a phenomenon around whom miracles and extraordinary events occur.  They influence our lives through the power and splendor of their consciousness.  Their grace has led many from untruth to truth, darkness to light, ignorance to wisdom, bondage to liberation.

The nature of existence is bliss.  Its qualities are love, compassion, connectedness, and silence.  The consciousness of humanity is fettered by concepts, ideas, conditioning, and mental constructs. 
Sri Bhagavan observes:  "When consciousness is purged of all its contamination, what remains is life - pure consciousness, or God."

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